Okapi Recordings is a professional recording studio in the middle of the old city ports of Rotterdam. At this unique location, the view of abandoned port buildings merges with city fields and creative workshops.

The 3 studio rooms of Okapi Recordings have a unique open sound because of the atmospheric acoustic treatment in which every sound source can be optimally recorded. The high ceilings, wooden floors and the abundance of daylight exude peace and serenity.

Okapi Recordings consists of a live room of 40 m2, control room of 45 m2 and vocal booth of 7 m2. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and active air treatment. We also have an amp booth for the guitar amps and the Leslie of our Hammond B3. Furthermore, the studio is fully equipped. Ladies and men's toilets, kitchen, elevator and free parking are available.


Apollo X16
Apollo X8p
Amphion Two 18’s
Rouge Audio Design Studio N9
Klein & Hummel o300 
Yamaha NS10
Beyer Dynamic DT770 Headphones (6x)
AKG K240 Headphones
Div. plugins o.a. UAD, Native Instruments, Arturia, Soundtoys en alle gangbare DAW’s.

API 512c 2x
Trident 8t mixing console
Apollo X8 unison pre’s
SSL Alpha Channel 2x
Warm Audio WA4
Focusrite Isa 215
Neve Portico II Channel strip
Sound Sculptor MP573 (Neve style )
CAPI VP26 (API style) 2x

Avalon U5 DI
Radial DI & reamp boxes

Focusrite RED 3 stereo compressor
Empirical Labs Distressor
API 525 compressor
Joe Meek SC2.2 stereo compressor
Lexicon PCM80/90
TC Electronic M-One
Behringer Personal Monitor System 5x

Royer 121 2x
Coles 4038 2x
SE Electronics Voodoo VR1
T.Bone RB500 2x
AEA R88 1x

Mojave MA-1000 (tube)
Røde Classic (mk 1, tube) 
CAD VSM 1 (tube)
SE Electronics X1 2x
Flea 47 1x

Neumann KM184 2x
Gefell PM750 2x
DPA 4090 omni 2x
AKG C451E 2x

Sennheiser MD441 2x
Sennheiser MD421 9x
Sennheiser e604 2x
AKG D12 2x
AKG D112
Shure SM57 4x
Shure SM7
Shure SM87
Shure Beta52
Shure Beta57
Electrovoice RE20

Shure Beta91
Yamaha Subkick

Vox AC15 (w/Celestion Alnico Blue)
Vox AC30 (‘95)
Fender Twin
Mesa Boogie Studio Pre
PRS DG Custom 30 w/ DG 2x12 cabinet open back
Vox Pathfinder 10

Ampeg SVT2 pro w/8x10 cabinet
Glockenklang Bass Art w/10+15 cabinet
Fender Bassman (’68) w/2x 15” cabinet

Hammond B3 (’59 w/ Leslie)
Yamaha Upright
Dave Smith Prophet 6
Roland JD800
Nord piano 3
Korg Kronos

Premier (70’s, 3-ply mahogany w/re-rings) 22x14, 12x8, 13x9, 16x15
Diversity in snares 


To record a good performance, you need an experienced engineer and the best equipment. Our 3 rooms have very good acoustics and are connected via 24 channels for a flexible workflow. We have a wide selection of top-class microphones and the studio is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Live sessions, overdubbing, drum recordings, re-amping; everything is possible to give your recording a unique sound.

We guide you as an artist to maximize your creativity. Not only do we plan the recording process, we support you to keep an eye on your vision and record the desired sound. As skilled producers and engineers, who are also musicians themselves, we understand better than anyone how important it is to optimally shape your musical identity. We can advise you on performance, arrangements, recording techniques, editing and mixing.

We listen to what you want to hear. A good mix of your track is always personal. At Okapi Recordings we have true reference speakers. Moreover, our mix engineers not only have the technical skills, but also the musical knowledge to create the sound you want, down to the smallest details. We have a wide choice of analog gear and high-quality plug-ins to deliver the necessary color and depth to mixes. We work quickly, deliver stems if required and of course a recall is included.

For years we have been providing professional audio for companies such as Apple, DSW Health Insurer, Burger King, Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Anne Frank House, Bijenkorf and many others. Voiceovers, sound logos, leaders etc. can be tailor-made with fast delivery.


Daily rate (8 hours) starting at €500,- including engineer (excl. VAT)

Day part price (4 hours) starting at €300,- including engineer (excl. VAT)

When booking several days, for example for recording an EP, album or other project, we make a project price in advance.


Keilestraat 3 3029BP Rotterdam


Jan Pohl

Inspired by: Jack White/Vance Powell and Eric Valentine

Favorite gear: Sennheiser MD441

Go to plug-in: UAD Neve 1073 eq

Worked with: Judy Blank, Patricia Vonne, Samuel Jack, David Grissom en vele anderen

Jack van de Ven

Inspired by: Tchad Blake, Emily King and Black dub

Favorite gear: Memoryman

Go to plug-in: Soundtoys Native FX

Worked with: Alain Clark, Bertolf, Waylon, Coby Grant, Hebe en vele anderen

Rogier Hemmes

Inspired by: Blake Mills, Basement Jaxx, Beck

Favorite gear: Akai MPC4000, Neve Portico 2 channel strip

Go to plug-in: BX Console SSL 4000 E

Worked with: Ralph de Jongh, Flip Noorman, Kim van Zeben en vele anderen